Why was We Are Femme born?

In recognition of the important female presence in banana cultivation in the Dominican Republic, Grupo Iren Dominicana created the We Are Femme seal, which guarantees a banana produced by enterprising women.

The fundamental motivation to launch this initiative is to give visibility to the contribution of women in banana production and to create mechanisms that promote the improvement of their productive conditions and their quality of life.

The We Are Femme seal guarantees the consumer that the banana acquired is not only produced by women, but that the cultivation, harvest and packaging of the fruit is done in an environment that promotes the participation, empowerment and development of women producers and their employees.

Banana producers have managed to overcome the traditional patriarchal culture and excel in an activity that has been reserved for men. But breaking the historical context of a developing country that relegates women only to the home has not been, nor will it be easy. That is why solidarity support is needed so that women can continue and consolidate their productive activity.

For this… We count on you!

What are the requirements for a
We Are Femme production unit?

Have at least one woman directly responsible for the administration of the productive unit.

Designate a delegate responsible for implementing the regulations and activities of the seal, as well as handling complaints and suggestions related to gender issues.

Have internal procedures and policies based on respect for human rights, the prevention of gender and domestic violence, and non-discrimination on the basis of gender.

Create spaces to disseminate relevant policies, procedures and information on gender issues at all levels.

Design and implement a policy to prevent sexually intimidating behaviour, including gestures, language, physical contact and any practice related to sexual harassment.

Ensure that there are no gender-based pay gaps and that both workers receive equal financial compensation for equal work.

Create a Femme Point to process complaints and suggestions related to gender issues, ensuring adequate follow-up and implementation of appropriate measures and solutions.

Create mechanisms to raise awareness of equal opportunities between men and women workers, promoting an increase in the number of women in decision-making positions.

Design and implement training plans with a gender perspective for all staff.

Favour the empowerment of women through training that contributes to improving their technical-professional skills.

The We Are Femme
label needs professionals like you

We need professionals like you, who want to deliver to the consumer a banana produced and harvested in an environment that promotes the participation and development of women in rural areas.

Contact us and let’s work together for it!

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    Empowering women is changing the life of their community

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